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Anšlava Eglīša meklējumos

Now you can buy my book about Anšlava Eglīti directly from us. In it, I write my experiences and reflections, how I learned about Anšlava Eglīti and how his memory was kept in the vicinity of Inciems until that moment.


The book “In Search of Anšlava Eglīš” is about the path to the scattered, driven out, wandering talents and bright minds of the people. The book touches on universal human values. It provokes reflection on responsibility before society, on what our daily actions are and – what we sow, we will reap.
In her book, Māra Ozola clearly reveals how a person’s life-long work, in this case the creative activity of the talented writer Anšlava Eglīš, is able to leave a significant impression on future generations as well, changing their understanding of culture.

Hard covers.

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Dimensijas 20,5 × 1,5 × 14,8 cm